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Ali Zribi received his Engineering Diploma in Electrical Engineering in 2005, Master degree, Doctorate degree and Habilitation Universitaire in Automatic Control in 2006, 2011 and 2018 respectively from the National School of Engineers of Sfax, Tunisia (ENIS). He is currently an assistant professor at the higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology of Gabes. His areas of interest include identification, neural networks and multimodel control.

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1 Farhat Yassin,ATIG Asma,Zribi Ali,Ridha BEN ABDENNOUR, "A Neural Multicontroller For Strongly Nonlinear Systems". International Journal of Systems Science, 2022, (Impact Factor 2.28).
2 Farhat Yassin,Zribi Ali,ATIG Asma,Ridha BEN ABDENNOUR, "Enhancement neural control scheme performance using PSO adaptive rate: Experimentation on a transesterification reactor". Journal of Vibration and Control, 2022 , (Impact Factor 3.09).
3 Farhat Yassin,Rhili Fatma Ezzahra,ATIG Asma,Zribi Ali,Ridha BEN ABDENNOUR, "Stability analysis strategy for the adaptive neural control system: A practical validation via a transesterification reactor ". Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Electrical Engineering, 2021, (Impact factor: 1.37).
4 Zribi Ali,Mohamed CHTOUROU ,Mohamed DJEMEL, "Models’ Bank Selection of Nonlinear Systems by Integrating Gap Metric, Margin Stability, and MOPSO Algorithm". Iranian Journal of Science and Technology - Transactions of Electrical Engineering, 2019. (Impact Factor: 0.6)
5 Zribi Ali,Mohamed CHTOUROU ,Mohamed DJEMEL, "A New PID Neural Network Controller Design for Nonlinear Processes". Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers, vol. 27, 2018. (Impact Factor: 0.93)
6 Zribi Ali,Mohamed CHTOUROU ,Mohamed DJEMEL, "Multiple model bank selection based on a new validity criterion". Journal of Control Engineering and Applied Informatics,vol. 19, N°4, pp. 43-51, 2017. (Impact Factor: 0.58)
7 Zribi Ali,Mohamed CHTOUROU ,Mohamed DJEMEL, "Multiple Model Reduction Approach using Gap Metric and Stability Margin for Control Nonlinear Systems". International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems, vol. 15, 2017. (Impact Factor: 2.18)
8 Zribi Ali,Mohamed CHTOUROU ,Mohamed DJEMEL, "A Systematic Determination Approach of Model’s Base Using Gap Metric for Nonlinear Systems". Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control, vol. 138, 2016. (Impact Factor: 1.46)

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