Samah BEN ATIA received her Engineering Diploma in Electrical and Automatic Engineering, in 2011, and the Master degree in Automatic Control and Intelligent Techniques, in 2012, from the National School of Engineers of Gabes - Tunisia. In 2017, she received her PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from National School of Engineers of Gabes – Tunisia. She is a member of the Research Laboratory Numerical Control of Industrial Processes. Her areas of interest include multimodel and multicontrol approaches for uncertain and time-delay nonlinear systems.

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1 Tahri Fida,BEN ATIA Samah ,Anis Messaoud,Ridha BEN ABDENNOUR, "An Interval Multiobserver for Nonlinear Systems subject to Internal and External Disturbances: Real Time Experimental Validation". Journal of Process Control, 2022, (Impact Factor 3.95).
2 Montacer Nesrine,BEN ATIA Samah ,Khadija Dehri,Ridha BEN ABDENNOUR, "Fault detection using sliding mode multiobserver for nonlinear systems: Validation on a real chemical process". Journal of Vibration and Control, (Impact Factor 3.09).
3 Montacer Nesrine,BEN ATIA Samah ,Khadija Dehri,Ridha BEN ABDENNOUR, "Sliding Mode Multiobserver for Time-Varying Delay Nonlinear Systems Based on Discrete Uncoupled Multimodel". Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing, Vol. 40, p. 626–647, 2020. ( Impact factor: 1.68).
4 Anis Messaoud,BEN ATIA Samah ,Ridha BEN ABDENNOUR, "An unknown input multiobserver based on a discrete uncoupled multimodel for uncertain nonlinear systems: Experimental validation on a transesterification reactor". ISA Transactions, Vol.93, 302–311. 2019.. (Impact Factor: 4.34)
5 BEN ATIA Samah ,Anis Messaoud,Ridha BEN ABDENNOUR, "An online identification algorithm of unknown time-varying delay and internal multimodel control for discrete non-linear systems". Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems Methods, Volume 24- Issue 1, 2018. (Impact Factor: 0.86)
6 Montacer Nesrine,Khadija Dehri,BEN ATIA Samah ,Ridha BEN ABDENNOUR, "A sliding mode multiobserver based on an uncoupled multimodel: an application on a transesterification reaction". Asian Journal of Control, Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 1–17, January 2018.. (Impact Factor: 2)
7 BEN ATIA Samah ,Anis Messaoud,Ridha BEN ABDENNOUR, "Robust multiobserver design for discrete uncertain nonlinear systems with time-varying delay". Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, Vol 40, Issue 1, 2018. (Impact Factor: 1.95)

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